Sanctuary/Worship Centers - Stackable Worship Seating, Pews, Curved Pews, Theater Seats, Pew Refinish, Pulpit Furnishings, Choir Furniture, Risers, Welcome Centers, Foyer Furnishings, Prayer Altars, Stained Glass, Steeples, Baptisteries.
Fellowship Hall/Gathering Space - Folding Tables, Folding Chairs, Stack Chairs, Table and Chair Dollies, Podiums, Bistro and Coffee House Furnishings, Lounge Furniture, Upholstered Booths, Accordion Doors, Banquet Seating, High Density Stack Chairs, Commerical Grade Kitchen Equipment.
Family Life Centers - Basketball Systems, Volleyball Systems, Soccer Equipment, Portable Bleachers, Telescopic Bleachers, Playground Equipment, Sports Carts, Hydration Carts, Youth/Teen Recreational Room Furnishings, Portable Staging, Gaming Equipment, Sound Systems, Video Systems, Picnic Tables and Benches.
Children's Ministries - Cribs, Rockers, Gliders, Changing Stations, Children's Tables, Children's Chairs, Storage, Active Play Systems, Literacy Centers, Art Stations, Activity Mats, Educational Toys, Educational Rugs, Bulletin Boards, Marker Boards, Chalkboards, Wall Decals, Cots, Toddler Tables, Indoor Playground Systems, Outdoor Playground Systems and Themed Areas.
School/Offices  -  Office Furniture, Reception Stations, Conference Room Furnishings, Audio/Video Department Equipment, Age Appropriate School Furniture, Cafeteria Tables, Auditorium Seating, Base Fixed Seating, Lounge Seating, Computer Stations, Storage Solutions, Mobile Storage, Filing Systems, Lockers, Library Systems.
These are just some of the area's that Carr and Company can be of service to your church or school.  Please contact one of our sales associates should you have any need listed above or would like help with another area.



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